AICA and Marco Polo Advisor, the collaboration continues.

AICA closed 2022 with 300 transactions and a Deal value of $ 9.5 BN__________________________________________________________________________________________The cooperation between Marco Polo Advisor and AICA continues with very positive results.AICA - Alliance of International Corporate Advisors, where Marco Polo Advisor is a founding member, includes 40 companies in 40 countries, 62 offices and over 365 professionals.In 2022, the firms participating in AICA closed 302 deals, with a transaction value of $9.5 billion: the market continued [...]

Marco Polo Advisor is part of the venture of F2AC- Finance to Aerospace Consulting

The aerospace economy offers great opportunities both for companies in the industry and for companies leveraging these technologies. As Marco Polo Advisor we are pleased to have been part of the venture of F2AC- Finance to Aerospace Consulting, a consultancy focussed on the space economy.This is the news on F2AC website.NEW CONSULTANCY F2AC BOOSTS COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS SUPPORTED BY SPACE TECHNOLOGIESFinance to Aerospace Consulting (F2AC), a consultancy focussed on the [...]

Colombo Tecnologie: six months of activity

Colombo Tecnologie S.r.l. is the start-up, promoted by Marco Polo Partners and Advisors, dedicated to digital transition applied to investment banking. Again dedicated to a great explorer, Colombo Tecnologie completes about six months in business by building an initial staff of five people, coordinated by Francesca Forte and under the supervision of the CEO Filippo Rozzanigo.There are three lines of work under development:- The search for new business opportunities through the digital channel;- The development of [...]

Marco Polo Advisor is back on M&A topic at EMEA AICA Conference in London

From 2 to 4 November 2023, London will host the EMEA Annual Conference of AICA - Alliance of International Corporate Advisors; the members of the Association, coming from all over Europe, will share ideas, projects and best practices, and will meet to discuss mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and possible collaborations.AICA - ALLIANCE OF INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE ADVISORS is an international organization composed by over 40 firms, located throughout the world, focusing on M&A services, corporate advisory and corporate finance transactions.With 302 [...]
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