A new television was founded: Nettuno TV

In December the new television Nettuno TV was founded; its programs will be strongly addressed on information and topics of interest for the city of Bologna as well as the entire Emilia Romagna region.Among the promoters are Pubblisole, the holding company of Teleromagna, Intermirifica and Fondazione Lercaro, together with a group of companies and entrepreneurs of the region belonging to the industrial and cooperative sector.Marco Polo Advisor supported the promoters in the financial planning and in contacting the stakeholders of the project.

a transaction was completed on Gazzotti's share capital

In December 2013 a transaction was completed on Gazzotti's share capital, based on a share's sale and a consequent capital increase. 80% of the Gazzotti's shares were acquired by a group of investors composed by H2i Holding, vehicle of the Inprendo Group, together with different internal and external managers associated in the Newco TIB Group; the investors will support the Comani family in the relaunch of the business. The Comanis kept a minority share in Gazzotti Spa and are co-investors in the TIB Group.The value of the transaction was € 10,5 million.Objective of the plan are the turnaround of the company, the recovery of [...]

Review of Marco Polo Advisor’s activities in 2013

In spite of a difficult market for the corporate finance activities, which in 2013 in Italy recorded a -6% in transactions in the small-mid cap segment, reaching the lowest number ever of 634 (source: Thomson Reuters), Marco Polo Advisor has maintained a significant level of activity and has set the basis for further development in the near future.During the year a number of projects had been conducted, and in particular: - Four projects completed with an extraordinary transaction, including the acquisition of Enta Ticketing Solutions by Best Union Company, the acquisition of Gazzotti by TIB group, the capital [...]

Corporate restructuring:the point of view of CRO

On 21th November took place at the offices of Marco Polo Advisor in Bologna, the second round of a program started in the summer, which explore the topic of restructuring, and to provide information, inspiration and ideas to industry professionals. From time to time an authoritative exponent opened the meeting by giving his contribution on the topic, and then letting the word out to participants (consultants, managers and professionals). In this second edition we have discuss the issue from the point of view of an actor who participate in practice in all the processes in question: the CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer), [...]
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