Marco Polo Advisor’s Activities in 2012

In the presence of a difficult market for corporate finance activities, which means in the year 2012 in Italy the number of operations reduced by 20-30% compared to an already disappointing 2011, Marco Polo Advisor has maintained a significant level of activity and laid the foundation for further development to be realized in the near future.In the 2012 were conducted:- Four M&A transactions: the acquisition of Utet Grandi Opere by FMR, two acquisitions made by Comecer respectively in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and a fourth operation is finished, but not yet finalized between the parties. In this way Marco Polo [...]

Completed the acquisition of UTET by FMR-Art'è

The transfer of 80% of UTET Grandi Opere to the Group FMR-Art'è, and in particular in the field of "Grandi Opere" and "Opere di pregio", was completed by De Agostini Libri. The shareholding of 19.54% was detected by the current CEO of the company, Marco Castelluzzo, and this ensure to the Group the continuity in the operational management of activities and services.Fabio Lazzari, Vice-President of FMR-Art'è, appointed as the President of UTET, commented: "The acquisition of UTET Grandi Opere is the realization of the last development project inspired and strongly supported by President Marilena Ferrari, who recently [...]

Marco Polo Advisor winner M&A Award Italian Corporate Finance House of the Year 2012.

We are delighted to announced that Marco Polo Advisor has won the Acquisition International M&A Award Italian Corporate Finance House of the Year 2012. The Award issue by the votes received and further examined achievements throughout the course of 2011 and 2012. About Acquisition InternationalAcquisition International is brought to you by AI Global Media Ltd, a publishing house that has reinvigorated corporate finance news and reporting. As an editorially driven magazine, its topical news articles make it a highly enjoyable read, and this readability ensures that advertisers will benefit greatly from their [...]
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