Marco Polo Advisor is a financial consulting company that supports companies, groups and investors of all sizes in the completion of corporate finance transactions: acquisitions and sale of companies and business units; capital market transactions; financial restructuring and international development plans.

Marco Polo Advisor was started in Bologna in 2009 on the initiative of Filippo Maria Rozzanigo, former consultant and CFO for important companies. In 2013, the Bologna office adds Padua, with a team dedicated to the industrial area of the Triveneto. To date, the team is composed by 12 people among partners, managers and consultants, and has acted as advisor in over 40 transactions.


  • Access to primary investors
    Opportunity to access the capital market and to get in touch with primary investors and financial institutions with the standards required by international markets.
  • Innovative development paths
    Design of innovative development paths, which respond to specific needs according to the market segments or the industrial sectors.
  • Multidisciplinary approach
    Multidisciplinary approach, not limited to financial advice, but extended to the understanding of the client's industrial and organizational problems.
  • Ad hoc assistance with long-term relationships
    Assistance in every phase of the financial life cycle, ensuring a continuous presence of the team at the company.


Since 2009 Marco Polo Advisor is founding partner of AICA, Alliance of International Corporate Advisors, an international organization composed of several companies, located all over the world, focused on M&A services, corporate advisory and corporate finance transactions.

Taking advantage of the cooperations of specialized local professionals, Marco Polo Advisor globalizes services to its customers and:

  • increases the company's sale / purchase opportunities;
  • optimizes the probabilities of a higher valuation by identifying a target that is more consistent with its objectives;
  • supports the creation of industrial / commercial joint ventures.