Since two years Marco Polo Advisor has developed a practice in the area of crisis management (the so-called Special Situation). These companies operate in contexts that have strongly negative results, or negative trends, sometimes accompanied by a liquidity crisis, and therefore intend to evaluate measures such as:
- The adoption of plans to reduce costs or to restructure the business;
- The involvement of partners interested in the sale of assets or business lines, or in the recapitalization of the firm;
- Agreements with creditors for rescheduling or restructuring the financing lines in place.
Partly as a result of the overall financial crisis, the number of companies potentially interested in these services is growing. A support by a financial advisor is in fact very effective when the exit from a from a crisis requires a re-planning of the overall business, the sale of certain assets or of the entire company, or the choice between different alternatives offered by the legal environment in which the company operates.
Marco Polo is now working on four assignments in the area, where all the most common issues faced in crisis situations are represented. In case of interest in the area, or to gather more information, please contact Filippo Rozzanigo


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