In the presence of a difficult market for corporate finance activities, which means in the year 2012 in Italy the number of operations reduced by 20-30% compared to an already disappointing 2011, Marco Polo Advisor has maintained a significant level of activity and laid the foundation for further development to be realized in the near future.
In the 2012 were conducted:
- Four M&A transactions: the acquisition of Utet Grandi Opere by FMR, two acquisitions made by Comecer respectively in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and a fourth operation is finished, but not yet finalized between the parties. In this way Marco Polo Advisor have reached the 16th M&A transactions throughout the company was founded four year ago;
- Six assistance projects in the field of corporate finance, relating to the establishment of a JV/alliances in the sector of renewable energy, evaluation reports on companies and assets, and projects of financial and operational restructuring;
- Four cases of assistance in situations of financial crisis.
Marco Polo Advisor currently operates on 10 mandates in order to provide assistance in the fields of M&A, and has several ongoing negotiations for the acquisition of new mandates.
The company is currently involved in two projects related to corporate crisis, and efforts are under way for the development of future activities particularly in the sense of international growth.
We thank all the people, both inside and outside our structure, who have worked with us this year and that have allowed us to achieve these results.


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