We are delighted to announce the entry into Marco Polo Advisor of a new team in Rome: Stefano De Marchis and Alessandro Bartoli formerly operating operating as Med Partners.
Med Partners has developed a dedicated practise in the area of financial transactions in emerging markets, in particular in India, China, the Persian Gulf and Malaysia. The team, with a background of over 20 existing transactions on these markets is one of the leading specialists in these markets at a European level , and has developed a strong network of relationships with leading financial players in these markets.
The strategic integration with Med Partners allows Marco Polo Advisor to develop a global activity connecting Asia and Europe, and therefore offers to our customers real opportunities to have a privileged access to these markets and to their financial and industrial operators .
The integration of the activities is already ongoing, and in the next future it will also involve an agreement on Marco Polo Advisor share capital. At present several projects are already under discussion on new joint ventures, commercial agreements and acquisitions between Italy, India and China.
The CV of Stefano De Marchis and Alessandro Bartoli on Team page.


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