On 21th November took place at the offices of Marco Polo Advisor in Bologna, the second round of a program started in the summer, which explore the topic of restructuring, and to provide information, inspiration and ideas to industry professionals. From time to time an authoritative exponent opened the meeting by giving his contribution on the topic, and then letting the word out to participants (consultants, managers and professionals).
In this second edition we have discuss the issue from the point of view of an actor who participate in practice in all the processes in question: the CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer), that is responsible for coordinating the actions of the restructuring plan. A figure that is indispensable to support the existing management activities that have strong friction and resistance to be overcome, and that increasingly has the task of working in a team and in close coordination with legal and financial advisors.
In front of an attendees of between 24 Legal Studies of Accountants and Investment Funds, Federico Castelnuovo exposed concrete cases followed by him, to start a debate on how scenarios are changing and what are the prospects for dealing with crisis situations.


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