In spite of a difficult market for the corporate finance activities, which in 2013 in Italy recorded a -6% in transactions in the small-mid cap segment, reaching the lowest number ever of 634 (source: Thomson Reuters), Marco Polo Advisor has maintained a significant level of activity and has set the basis for further development in the near future.
During the year a number of projects had been conducted, and in particular:
- Four projects completed with an extraordinary transaction, including the acquisition of Enta Ticketing Solutions by Best Union Company, the acquisition of Gazzotti by TIB group, the capital raising conducted by Nettuno TV, and the conclusion of an extraordinary transaction by a company in special situation. Marco Polo Advisor have therefore reached the milestone of 20 M&A transactions completed since company's foundation in 2008.
- Ten advisory projects in the field of corporate finance:
o Five projects related to analysis of strategic alternatives regarding transaction on client's share capital and assets;
o Three corporate finance projects (creation of JV, evaluation reports on companies and assets, financial and operational reorganization projects).
o Two advisory projects to evaluate foreign acquisition opportunities, still in progress.
- Three advisory projects in the assistance of companies in financial crisis, relating to financial planning, debt restructuring and search for new finance.
Currently Marco Polo Advisor is following several advisory projects related to M&A transaction and Corporate Finance, four of which are at the due diligence and negotiation of the contract stages, with non-binding agreements already achieved; furthermore, there are also several ongoing negotiations for the acquisition of new mandates. The company is also currently involved in two projects related to corporate crises.
Throughout the year, the company put a strong emphasis to the international growth, thanks to:
• The new team led by Stefano De Marchis and dedicated to international business;
• The development of partnerships with groups Pransa in India, and SF Partners in China;
• The consolidation of the cooperation with the 30 partner companies of the AICA organization - Alliance of International Corporate Advisors.
We thank all the people, both inside and outside the company, who worked with us during the year and that allowed us to achieve these significant results.


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