In December 2013 a transaction was completed on Gazzotti's share capital, based on a share's sale and a consequent capital increase. 80% of the Gazzotti's shares were acquired by a group of investors composed by H2i Holding, vehicle of the Inprendo Group, together with different internal and external managers associated in the Newco TIB Group; the investors will support the Comani family in the relaunch of the business. The Comanis kept a minority share in Gazzotti Spa and are co-investors in the TIB Group.
The value of the transaction was € 10,5 million.
Objective of the plan are the turnaround of the company, the recovery of the regional market shares and the development of the foreign markets such as North America, Russia, the Gulf region and Korea, through the updating and expansion of the products portfolio, in particular regarding the controlled company Idee & Parquet.
Marco Polo Advisor acted as financial advisor of Gazzotti, co-operating with Studio Delphi in Bologna following the legal and corporate aspects.


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