The Consorzio Agrario Adriatico, after an phase of expansion and new investments, develops a new Financial Plan and obtains a syndicated loan. The Consorzio Agrario Adriatico is one of the most important organizations in the north-central Italy in the sector of agricultural activities support. The consortium, which has its headquarters in Cesena and has a turnover of approximately 180 million Euros, has recently increased in size, through the aggregation of some neighboring consortia (Macerata, Ascoli Piceno, Pesaro) and due to investment in productive activities in the field of pasta (Pastificio Chigi) Marco Polo Advisor has assisted Consorzio Agrario Adriatico in developing a financial plan for the medium term and in dealing with the reference banks who have secured a syndicated loan aimed to complete the integration phase of the new consortia and to complete the development of the activities. According to Adamo Zoffoli, genral manager of Consorzio Agrario Adriatico "The development of the new Financial Plan and the syndicated loan lay the foundation for completing the project of integration of the new Consortio, and to promote a phase of further growth and development. " The operation was followed by the Partners Carlo Battistini supported by the associate Endri Dobi.


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