In March 2015 Bootes srl, an investment holding, has acquired a minority stake in the company Visirun SpA.
Visirun SpA has developed in recent years an innovative web/mobile based application for fleet management, with innovative features and services that allow customers advanced performances in the logistics of vehicles. The strategic partnership with Bootes will favor the development of new business opportunities and accelerate the investments, in particular to strengthen the presence on national level and for the consolidation of Polish subsidiary. This area represents a significant growth opportunity for the sector being the third country at European level (after Italy and Germany) for the number of heavy vehicles.
Marco Polo Advisor assisted Visirun in the different steps of the process (business plan development, transaction structuring, finding a financial partner, closing of the transaction) by a team composed from Filippo Rozzanigo, Alberto Romersa and Giovanni Maldarizzi.
According to Fabio Previato, CEO of Visirun SpA “The transaction represent an important milestone in the development of Visirun SpA, as it will allow the company to expand its business opportunities, ranking as one of the leading players in the sector on European basis and not only at national level. We intend to continue our development in Europe now that the company has a significant customer base and an advanced technology platform over its competitors. We also continue to evaluate the chances of integration with other players in a sector that is very active in this regard. The collaboration with Marco Polo Advisor guaranteed to Visirun Spa to communicate with the world of financial and industrial investors, allowing a growth acceleration”.


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