On 24th November Experenti Engineering (www.experenti.eu), a company focused in advanced solutions in augmented reality, has completed a subsidized credit for an amount of euro 500.000 from Banco Popolare, guaranteed from the Fondo di Garanzia for SMEs.
The Experenti Engineering project was born from an idea of the founders Amir Baldissera (with an informatic background, artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences) and Barbara Bonaventura (digital marketing) in order to create a cutting edge center dedicated to the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies addressed to the B2B market. Experenti Engineering aims to become a reference point for the development of tools that enable SMEs to integrate efficiently into current dynamics of the Industry 4.0.
The loan will be functional to develop the pipeline of projects based on this technology, exploiting the current favourable market growth both nationally and internationally. An important role for the transaction was covered by the Facilitated Finance division of the Banco Popolare.

Marco Polo Advisor has assisted Experenti Engineering in the different stages of the process (development of the business plan, structuring the transaction, identification of financial partner, assistance in the execution of the transaction) with a team consisting of Alberto Romersa and Michele Marchiori.


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