The introduction of a small fiscal incentive to invest in PIR was enough to change deeply the Italian financial habits: estimates on the fund raising of PIR are beating any forecast, and exceed 10 billion Euro for the current year and 70 billion Euro for the next five years.
This is why we expect a long season characterized by a strong demand for equity securities or bonds listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, thus creating the conditions for capital raising, in equity and bonds, for Italian companies meeting the requirements of financial investors.
What to expect in the coming years? And what are the opportunities for companies that are interested in financing their projects or for shareholders who are willing to partially liquidate their controlling interests? And what are the financial, industrial, legal, corporate or fiscal activities needed to prepare for this new season?
Marco Polo has organized a closed-door meeting inviting managers, entrepreneurs and operators in the financial and legal sectors to deal with these topics for next end of November in Bologna.
For those interested, it is recommended to enroll by communicating their interest in:
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