Farmagorà Holding Spa successfully completed the capital raise and confirms the acquisition of the first five pharmacies

Bologna, July 28th, 2021

Farmagorà Holding:

-          On May 21st 2021 completed the transformation into a joint stock company, adopting a new bylaws compliant with the requirements of a company with an extended financial shareholding structure;

-          Has assigned to the Board of Directors the right to increase the share capital for a maximum total amount of Euro 50 million through the issue of a maximum of 50 million new shares to be exercised within the final term of three years from the date of the resolution. Contacts are at an advanced stage in order to collect the commitments for the subscription of the capital increase, which may be implemented over the next three years to cover the Farmagorà investment plan;

-          In May, June and July, were approved subsequent capital increases dedicated to the Promoters and to a selected number of investors, fully subscribed.

Farmagorà Holding's activity is also proceeding in terms of acquisitions, with the agreements for the acquisition of the first five pharmacies.

Farmagorà Holding was assisted by Marco Polo Advisor as financial advisor by the team of Filippo Rozzanigo, Carlo Battistini and Endri Dobi; by the Di Gravio Avvocati law firm with lawyer Carlo Mecella for the legal aspects and by Studio Pedroli Venier e Associati with Dr. Renato Tassetti for the administrative and tax aspects.


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