Falmec S.p.A., a Treviso-based company specializing in the production of design range hoods for kitchens, has finalized the acquisition of 100% of Friulana Accessori S.r.l. and Metaldomus S.r.l., companies historically active in the production of accessories and technical items for kitchens and bathrooms.

With over 50 years of expertise in the market and an internationally recognized brand Falmec proved to be the ideal partner to ensure the generational transition to the acquired Companies.

In this context, Falmec will provide continuity to the Companies, also bringing industrial, technical and commercial know-how to enable Friulana Accessori and Metaldomus to continue the strong growth process witnessed in recent years. Mirco Tulisso, CEO of the companies, will retain his role as Managing Director, ensuring management continuity between the previous and new ownership.

"Friulana Accessori and Metaldomus represent two cases of excellence of manufacturers in our sector that are well integrated into our group, with a prospect of further growth and development," said Danilo Poser, president of Falmec S.p.A.

According to Pierino Fazzolari, historical owner of Friulana Accessori and Metaldomus, "Falmec represents the right partner in guaranteeing a future for these Companies that, together with Mirco Tulisso, we have taken over from the previous owner and relaunched over the course of almost two decades of activity."

Friulana Accessori and Metaldomus were assisted by Marco Polo Advisor as Financial Advisor with Filippo Rozzanigo and Samuele Maranzana and by Studio BRC & Associati of Udine with Francesco Margini for legal aspects and Andrea Spollero for tax and corporate aspects.

Falmec S.p.A. was assisted by BModel as Financial Advisor and for business due diligence with Claudio De Nadai, Alberto Morellato, Laura Ferraro and Martina Torresan; by Grimaldi Lex with a team composed by Vittorio Titotto, Riccardo Manfrini, Francesca Sonego and Francesca Segato for legal aspects and by Consimp for financial and tax due diligence with a team composed by Michele Graziani, Stefano Rudelli and Silvia Schincariol.


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