After studying Economics and Commerce at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, he followed the military service as an Official Student at the Alpine Military School (SMALP) in Aosta, where he obtained the rank of Lieutenant.
As a business owner, he has gained extensive experience in the industrial photographic sector. In the same sector, he has held consultancy positions in commercial bargaining between public and private companies. He spent a decade in Kenya as an entrepreneur in the Tourism and Hospitality sector, holding the position of Managing Director in Tsavo Mashariki Limited.
Back in Italy, he collaborates with a MotoGp Team, creating synergies with companies interested in promoting their Brands through international marketing strategies.

Collaborate with the Marco Polo Advisor team since May 2018.

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Assistance in the research and execution of transactions such as sale and acquisition of shares, companies and businesses, brands or corporate assets; mergers, strategic alliances and joint ventures.
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