The meeting organized by Marco Polo Advisor took place in Bologna on May 17th 2012. The main issue addressed in the meeting was how to improve the traditional model of the Italian company, based on the family control logic.
In the morning over 15 one to one meeting between companies and investors took place, and a significant number of new projects for M&A transactions were initiated.
In the afternoon entrepreneurs from different backgrounds discussed about the following topics:
"Cavaliere" Mr. Davide Trevisani explained the extraordinary story of Trevi Group, which starting as a small business company has grasped the opportunities for international growth in a few years becoming a one billion euro company and a symbol of Italian excellence around the world.
Mr. Andrea Olivi exposed his new experience in GiPlanet (company active in the exhibition and in the stands) with his experience in enterprise networks and aggregations; Mr. Luca Montebugnoli, President of Bologna-based Best Union Company listed on the Stock Exchange, promoted his experience in listing, and how they build up the group with 5 acquisitions. To close the session, the Fondo Italiano d'Investimento, represented by Mr. Claudio Catania, described the philosophy of this institution that is planning over 100 private equity investment in Italy (with 30 already closed
The second session, coordinated by Mr. Paul Gubitta, director of the Master CUOA, was dedicated to "the insiders": Climate Change Capital, Mandarin Capital Advisory and a primary legal firm, Gianni Origoni & Partners.


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