Giovanni Maldarizzi and Endri Dobi, operating in the Marco Polo Advisor team for over ten years, have been appointed as Directors.

Giovanni Maldarizzi holds a degree in Management Engineering from the University of Bologna and is a licensed Engineer. He followed various projects for Italian and foreign clients, both industrial and financial, with a focus on the luxury & fashion, SaaS, healthcare & pharma, cosmetics, industrial automation, internet & mobile, food sectors.

Endri Dobi holds a degree in Economics from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree in administration, finance and control at the Alma Graduate School in Bologna. He has participated in projects in the renewable energy, heavy machinery and publishing, testing and laboratory analysis, consortium structures to support agricultural activities, energy empowerment and renewable energy sectors.

Throughout their careers, they have both gained over ten years of experience in the corporate finance advisory and followed numerous projects, both domestically and internationally, in the M&A, private equity and financial advisory activities in the phases of scouting, setup, execution and closing of the project.

Filippo Maria Rozzanigo, CEO of Marco Polo Advisor, commented as follows:

“The transition to Director acknowledges the autonomy in the management of projects for our two colleagues who grew up along with Marco Polo Advisor. We count on them to strengthen our business and continue to develop in particular in the sectors and activities where they have developed significant skills.”


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