From November 7th to 9th 2019, 10 years after the first meeting in Rome with the first start of the association, AICA (Alliance of International Corporate Advisors) returns to Italy, to Bologna, with a meeting not by chance entitled "Past and Present".

With great pleasure, Marco Polo Advisor hosted the advisory companies located in Europe Middle East and Africa, one of which, with offices in Germany and Finland, recently joined.


Marco Polo Advisor tried to give the event a focus on the Italian economy by inviting three speakers with specific points of view:

- from the academic world, Prof. Massimiliano Marzo, from the University of Bologna and the Bologna Business School with the conference "The Italian Economy in the context of Europe";

- Lorenzo Stanca, Partner and CEO of Mandarin Capital Partners with "Internationally Focussed Private Equity in Italy";

- Ian Tully, Partner of Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP Milan office, with a speach focused on legal and behavioral aspects in corporate finance transactions in Italy.


During the conference different work sessions were organized in one-to-one and group-session mode, where the respective projects were shared in a cross-border perspective of wide international scope.


As stated by Filippo Rozzanigo, Partner and CEO of Marco Poloparticipation in AICA is a fundamental element to improve knowledge and penetration of foreign markets, from which today the vast majority of counterparties interested in acquisition and sales projects come. I would also like to underline the important growth ​​that AICA is recording, that ensure continuity and depth to an international dimension of advisory activity, increasingly a distinctive element of competitive advantage. "


AICA confirms itself as an organization in excellent health, with increasing values ​​in the number and value of the deals. With over 250 transaction per year, it associates 42 companies in countries around the world that cover substantially all the most important international economic areas and that are constantly increasing the level of cooperation on projects.

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