Ottobre 2020
Type of Project

Type of Project

Sundaram Finance Holdings Ltd (SFHL), part of TVS group, has acquired a minority stake in Mind Composites, an Italian manufacturer of automotive components in composite materials.
Mind was assisted by Marco Polo Advisor as financial advisor with Filippo Rozzanigo, Carlo Battistini and Endri Dobi, by Cartwright Pescatore with Giacomo Pescatore and Simon Cartwright for the legal aspects and by the Aicardi & Partners firm with Paolo Azzolini and Matteo Aicardi in the tax field..

The TVS group was assisted by Gianni Origoni with Rosario Zaccà, Head of India Desk, and Alessandro Giuliani for the legal aspects, by BEN (Business Experts Network) with Luca Mezzo for the industrial aspects and by BDO for the economic-financial due diligence.

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